Hiring Movers in Spring TX? Here’s What You Need To Watch For

Moving can be a stressful time for anyone. Though it can save you money to ask friends or relatives, it’s not always the best decision to trust with your valuables. You want to start you new beginning off right, so the best option is to choose a mover. But how do you choose the best service? There are many moving companies in Spring, Texas. When you’re looking for the best, here are some things to watch for:

Always Ask For Inspections

A good mover offers an on-site inspection of your household goods, to give you the most accurate estimate possible. If you call a mover, and an on-site inspection isn’t on offer, be sure to ask for one. If the request is refused, chances are, the quote will be a lot lower than the actual cost.

Big Deposits

Related to that, if the moving company insists on a cash payment upfront, or requires a large deposit, chances are good the business is new or cutting corners. If you are booking a truck three or more months in advance, a small deposit isn’t unreasonable. It should not cover half of your overall cost, and there should always be stipulations in case of cancellation or weather changes.

Movers Who Don’t Know Your Rights

By federal regulation, all Spring Texas movers should provide you with a copy of Your Rights and Responsibilities when you are making an interstate move. This booklet covers all rights and responsibilities, yours and the moving companies. It is used to protect both your property, and the movers’ business.

Check With BBB

Not all Spring TX movers will be registered with the Better Business Bureau, but if they are, the BBB is a great way to see if customers have complaints. If there are complaints, you’ll also be able to see when and how the company responded. Customer service is vital in these businesses, and a company that has a good reputation with its customers will stand out.

Related to that, if the company is recognizable, it is easier to look into. If there are generic messages on the voicemail, with no company name, or the moving trucks do not have a logo on them, they may not be the best option for you. A company that takes itself seriously will also take its clients seriously.

No Verifiable Insurance

If you have homeowner’s insurance, you won’t have to worry so much about damage to your things. But, if the company cannot provide proof of its insurance coverage, do not use them. Similarly, if someone in the Spring TX moving company tries to tell you that everything is covered by the insurance, they are likely trying to dodge questions about their coverage. Know your rights as a client, and don’t be afraid to ask for details.

Finding the right movers can be a tough job. Moving, whether interstate or further can be a stressful experience. Often, your best option is to ask friends, neighbors and family members to help you find the right movers for you. If you are looking into movers, keep these signs in mind, and you will avoid adding scams and amateurs to your move.

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